Tip: Wind proofing

A tip on how to increase Moonhouse resilience to wind. Fill it with rocks. Moonhouse Expedition Rocks! but we all knew that... Carl Nordlund, Arvidsjaur, Sweden July 11, 2013

A tip on how to increase Moonhouse resilience to wind. Fill it with rocks. Moonhouse Expedition Rocks! but we all knew that…
Carl Nordlund, Arvidsjaur, Sweden July 11, 2013

Most experienced explorers are aware that the house somestimes suffers from being somewhat light weight and gets caught by the wind. The analogy to the the Three little pigs and the house made from straw being blown away by the huffing and puffing wolf is not far off. Carl Nordlund has the kindness to share the remedy he found for the problem on his expedition to Arvidsjaur. Carl filled the Moonhouse with rocks, Moonhouse Rocks! We all knew that it does of course but many of us mightn’t have related it to Huffin’ ’n’ Puffin’. Thank you Carl for sharing.

Moonhouse demand exceeding supply


Today the Expedition has reached a mile stone. The interest for setting out on new expeditions exceed the availability of houses. Now there are 32 houses of the Passport sized model 2. One has been to space and is stuck as a would be museum exhibit, and one is lost somewhere in Africa. Of the remaining 30, 28 have been trusted to Moonhouse Holders and two remain with HQ.

Today we have 4 inquiries for house models for would be expeditions.

In the short term the manufacturing capacity of houses is limited to nil at HQ and hence we are left with the possibilities to kindly ask the current Moonhouse holders to consider to pass their models along and to kindly ask the Moonhouse community to start manufacturing models.

This message was sent to all Moonhouse holders today:

Explorers, Moonhouse Holders,
This is an important message from Moonhouse Expedition HQ.
I write to you as, to the best of my knowledge, you are Moonhouse holders.
Lately the interest for setting out on Moonhouse Expeditions has surged. We are at a point where there are impatient would be explorers offering to take he house to Spain, Mexico, USA and Norway, this week or next. At the same time we are fresh out of houses… Now, the idea is and has been from the start, to let the houses change hands from one explorer to the next. They should never be left in one place long enough to collect dust. Should you, as a Moonhouse holder, have no plans for setting out on an expedition in the near future, please consider passing on your moonhouse model to a fellow, would be explorer or return it to Moonhouse Expedition HQ. The adress can, except in a few cases, be found on the leaflet inside the Moonhouse envelope. Should your adventurous strain urge you to set out on an expedition after you pass the house along there is always the option to ask for another model to be passed to you.

Kind regards,
Emil Vinterhav
Moonhouse Expedition HQ