Kilimanjaro – Full report

Kilimanjaro,  Wilfred Moshi, July 1, 2013.

Wilfred Moshi, July 1, 2013.

Wilfred Moshi, Moonhouse Explorer to the summit of Kilimanjaro sends his the story of the expedition. The expedition earned Wilfred a place in the Moonhouse Expedition Hall of fame for meeting the first of the objectives in the Summits Challenge of briging the house to the highest summits of each of the seven contients.

Hello all,

Hope you are well. I am fine.

I felt down when I couldn’t take Moonhouse up Kili sometimes early this year. But my down feelings were relieved when I did receive it 27th Jun 2013 from Christer Abrahamsson.

The expedition didn’t start until 1st Jul 2013. Moonhouse Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition was set through Machame route (Whiskey route). I was so curious and so was everyone in the expedition due to the fact that Mt. Kilimanjaro is big mountain thus create its own weather condition. It took 6 days to go up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Luck us, we had fabulous days that carry and with minimal technical we managed to unfold and place moonhouse in couple places for sharing experience with other hikers. On the “D Day” weather didn’t cooperate very well. While other expedition members experienced altitude sickness Moonhouse survived well but not through very strong wind that was blowing almost 50Km/h. At the summit we had to come up with improvisation so that it would stay still or not blown off to the crater rim.

Summited and descent safely to the Mweka gate.

Future: Planning to take Moonhouse to road trip around Tanzania, Moonhouse 2.27 may go to some expedition hikes with me….Elbrus, Denali, Aconcagua, go down into Kilimanjaro crater or into ashpit

Congratulations Wilfred on your successful expedition and fair winds for your coming adventures and look forward to reports from future expeditions.

Follow Wilfred and Kili-Treks on twitter or on through the Kili-treks web site.

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Breaking News: Moonhouse on Mt. Kilimanjaro Summit

Kilimanjaro Summit, Wilfred Moshi July 5, 2013

Kilimanjaro Summit, Wilfred Moshi July 5, 2013

Earlier today Wilfred Moshi and Moonhouse #2.27 reached the summit of Kilimanjaro. Read more at the Kili-treks website.

This successful expedition meets the first challenge in the Moonhouse Expeditions ”The Summits Challenge” where the goal is to mount expeditions to the highest peaks of the seven continents. It also earns Wilfred a place in the Moonhouse Explorers hall of fame.

Congratulations Wilfred and three teachers from Edinburgh on your successful expedition. We wish you fair winds for your coming adventures.

PS. Wilfred has promised us an expedition report when he is rested. DS

Kilimanjaro Expedition

Latest news (yesterday) is that an attempt for the summit will be made today. This was the message of a Twitter message that HQ received last night from @WilfredMoshi leading the @kilitreks expedition up the mountain in Tanzania.

We’re @ a place called Barranco 3890m and tomorrow we’ll go to the base camp ready to attempt the summit.

Follow the expedition and trek at the kili-trek home page.

We wish Wilfred and the expedition fair winds all the way to the summit! (Fair winds, in this case, would mean no winds).

Breaking News: Follow Moonhouse Expedition to Kilimanjaro in real time

The Moonhouse Expedition to Kilimanjaro is under way and has reached ”Lava Tower” at 4650 m.

Follow the expedition in real time via Kili-treks twitter feed @kilitreks.

Press stop! – Preparations for an Expedition to Kilimanjaro

Moonhouse #2.27 in preparation for Kilimanjaro.

Moonhouse #2.27 in preparation for Kilimanjaro with Wilfred Moshi.

We are very excited today as the news reaches us that Wilfred Moshi of Kili-Treks is preparing to bring Moonhouse #2.27 on an expedition to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro. A successful expedition to Kilimanjaro will complete the first objective of the Summits Challenge to place a house on summit on each of the highest mountains on all the continents.

We wish Wilfred fair winds for his coming expedition and look forward to the reports from the summit.