La Bella Rossa nelli Alpi

#2.13 The Giant in Alagna Valsesia, Valle d'Aosta, Italy. Lambrecht Wessels, September 17, 2013

#2.13 in Alagna Valsesia, Valle d’Aosta, Italy. Lambrecht Wessels, September 17, 2013

They say that if you aim for the stars you will reach the tree tops. You will of course reach the tree tops on your way to the stars. You will likely even be even be more comfortable hanging around the tree tops than you are on the ground. The above picture really proves this. Moonhouse #2.13 melds with the landscape of the Italian Alpes in colour, shape and presence when Lambrecht Wessels broughtit to Alagna Valsesia, Valle d’Aosta in Italy on Septemebr 17, 2013.

The higher, the better it seems. On the moon it will be glorious.

Congratulations Lambrecht on your successful expedition and fair winds for your coming adventures.