What is the Moonhouse Expedition?
The moonhouse project was initiated by artist Mikael Genberg with the ultimate goal to put a house on the moon. Read the artistic manifest here. The moonhouse expedition is a possibility to take part in this endeavour.
More about the artwork

Are you serious?
Yes. Nasa has already accepted to take a model of a house to the moon as a side project on a future scientific mission. Work is in progress at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology i Stockholm, Sweden, on the challenge of building a house that can be sent to the moon.

How can you afford the ride?
There are several possibilites to generate necessary funds. Your own moonhouse expeditions is an important step in making this happen. Together we will bring the house to the moon.

What can I do?
You can put your own house model on unique places and share this special place with the world on moonhouse-expedition.com and facebook.com/moonhouseexpedition. Taking part in this work of art will create momentum for the ultimate goal to put a house on the moon. You can help widen the conception of where life and art is possible.