Yule Tide in New York

Times Square #2.34 in Times Square New York, John Olof Vinterhav, December 5, 2013

Times Square
#2.34 in Times Square New York, John Olof Vinterhav, December 5, 2013

Admittedly, there is not much snow at HQ at the moment and we are not likely to get any more before Christmas. How lucky then that Moonhouse #2.34 brings back some of that wintery feeling. The house carries the thin snowflakes all the way from Times Square in New York to HQ and to everywhere else around the globe in need of that special Yule ambiance.

The wintry imagery is brought to us by John-Olof Vinterhav with co-explorer Ulla Vinterhav from their expedition to New York in the beginning of December, 2013.

Thank you for getting us into that special holiday spirit John-Olof and Ulla. Congratulations to the successful expedition. We wish you fair winds for your coming adventures.

Moonhouse #2.34, #2.35, #2.37 en route to adventure

Moonhouses #2.34, #2.35 and #2.37 en route

Moonhouses #2.34, #2.35 and #2.37 en route

Today we welcome three Moonhouse Holders to the expedition.

Hans Hallberg – #2.37
John-Olof Vinterhav – #2.34
Petra Vainionpää- #2.35

Hans Hallberg is a freshman in the expedition but a long standing supporter of the House on the Moon project with the full scale moonhouse installations by the motorway in Västerås to his credit. Hans becomes the holder of Moonhouse #2.37 and promises that we will not be disappointed.

John-Olof Vinterhav is a seasoned explorer with expeditions to Venice, Bethlehem and Jerusalem with Moonhouse #2.23 to his credit. John-Olof handed Moonhouse #2.23 over to Daniel Ahlberg for his Expedition to California, USA (Hollywood, Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, Yosemite Falls, Bixby Creek Bridge). John-Olof becomes the holder of Moonhouse #2.34.

Petra Vainionpää is a very special House Holder to the Expedition. Petra was the first explorer outside HQ and she brought the house on an expedition to Månstad a name which translates directly to Moontown. A very appropriate destination for a Moonhouse Expedition. Petra becomes the holder of Moonhouse #2.35 and promises an expedition to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

Congratualtions Hans, John-Olof and Petra to you being a part of the group of Moonhouse Holders (albeit for the second time for some of you). We wish you fair winds on your coming expeditions and look forward to learning more from the reports to come.