The Expedition

Mission Statement

The Moonhouse Expedition is about placing a house on the Moon by way of many other places.

The Expedition is a community effort and the achievements of the Expedition is a direct reflection of the collected capabilities of those involved.

The Expedition gathers hands-on experience and knowledge with the difficulties associated with the ultimate expedition to the moon by placing houses on increasingly challenging locations.

In addition to gather directly applicable knowlege for the Moon Mission the Expedition hopes to attain the secondary objectives of channelling the will of many people to participate and of bringing greater presence of the House on the Moon in the world.



How can the average person contribute meeting the above challenges. It is not practical or possible for everyone to carry a house to the summit of Mount Everest or to find a stowaway ticket to Mars. We will let you in on a sectret, it not practical to more than a very small number of individuals. What is practical for more people, is to make it worth the while for those few to make the extra effort. By showing interest and telling the world that you think the cause is worth the effort the case is built for meeting the goals and, in the end, for placing the House on the Moon.

A three stage rocket to the Moon
Moon rockets commonly have three three individual rocket stages. Somewhat simplified, the first stage, with boosters, lifts the rocket off the ground, the second kicks provides the speed for entering into orbit and the third overcomes the shackles of earth gravity and sends the payload towards its deep space destination.

The Expedition employs a similar three stage approach to meeting the challenges.
The first step is to conceptualise, to describe the idea of challenge in words and images, making it real in the minds of people, to get the challenge off the ground.
The second step is the intermediate, a real world challenge that is possible to meet for many but still a challenge in it self and a remaining accomplishment. In orbit if you will.
The third step is reaching the final goal. It is is made possible by the two earlier steps and reaches for the fulfillment of the challenge and breaking free into deep space.