Summits – S1E0 – Kronobergsparken

Description: The very first expedition aims to reach the Summit of Kronobergsparken.
Challenge: The Summits
Purpose: To explore the Expedition format and to identify the necessary components.
Emil Vinterhav – Captain, Engineer, Photographer, Chronicler
Huey, Dewey and Louie – The team

Phase 1 Planning: The exedition route was planned to Hagaparkshöjden. The location was chosen for the possibilities to get nice pictures of the house model with a back drop of the Stockholm skyline. The hill in Kronobergsparken was a chosen as a backup plan in case descoping became necessary. This location was chosen on the basis that it was an elevated position outdoors and at close distance.

Phase 2 Preparation: A house model was prepared for the expedition. The model was transportable and had a transport fixture for securing safe transportation to the expedition target location. Camera equipment was readied and checked for memory availabilty and battery charge. As the morning went it became clear that the backup target was the only achieavable goal for the day.

Phase 3 Execution: The expedtion set out on foot and with hand pulled sleds at 2:30 in the afternoon on december 8, 2012. The weather was clear, there was no wind and the temperature was a few degrees below freezing. It was ideal weather for an expedition. Part of the distance the Captain had to pull expedition members on the sleds securing a fit expedtion crew. The final stretch up to the summit had to be forced due to the sun setting and the lighting conditions becoming unfit for the photography that was planned. Immediatly upon reching the summit the house was deployed and a photography session commencend. Unfortuantely this ectivity could have been prepared better with a plan for perspectives and scenes. Upon returning late in the afternoon an opportunity for a photograph scene was presented and was taken advantage of.

Phase 4 Debriefing: All in all the first expedtion was successful. A house model was prepared, an expedition was conducted and nice pictures were taken. Lessons to be learned are to allow for due time for the expedition, to prepare camera angles and scenes better and to have a good descoped backup plan.

Phase 5 Chronicling: The chronicling of the expedtion is done here. A gallery with images from the expedition is available here. A very important side effect of this humble expedition is the completion of this website and putting momentum in the Moonhouse Expedition.