New Householders, Crowdfunding, A New Moonhouse Expedition and #themoonhouse

Fellow Explorers,

So much has happened lately and we at HQ really owe everyone an update.

Lets get first things first, however and offer Andrea Ahlenius and Lina Ekros a warm welcome as new house holders. Lina is now the holder of moonhouse #2.40 and Andrea is the holder of Moonhouse #2.44. We wish fair winds on Lina’s and Andrea’s coming expeditions and look forward to follow their adventures in the times to come.

No one of you reading this can have missed the grand launch of the bold crowdfunding campaign on May 28. We hinted at this event in an earlier posting and after finding our bearings again we can finally give you an inside report.

The main feature of the crowd funding is the fantastic opportunity for everybody to participate in the artproject that is the Moonhouse. By buying Moon meters and becoming a moonhouse friend on the Moonhouse website you and your friends can become a part of the Moonhouse family and contribute directly to the funding of the Moonhouse. 50 USD will bring the Moonnhouse 1250 meters closer to the moon. It will also immortalise your name on the inside of the house .. on .. the .. moon.

The launch of the crowdfunding activity has been made possible through the support from Falu Rödfärg. Falu Rödfärg has been in the business of red houses for 250 years and it is hard to think of a better and more closely related sponsor.

Associated with the crowdfunding event is a brand new design of the website at where a lot of information about the moonhouse, the art, the technology and its history has been posted. Here at the Moonhouse Expedition we are of course very excited about one feature in particular, the adoption of the Moonhouse Expedition into the stream of activities enabling everyone to participate in the journey to the moon, just the way it was always ment to.  The New Moonhouse Expedition at opens up the Moonhouse Expedition to wider participation through an intutive instruction for making your own house and the possibility of posting pictures directly to instagram using the hash-tag #themoonhouse. Pictures posted with the hashtag will show up on picture stream.

We at the first Moonhouse Expedition are glad to support the Moonhouse Expedition of the Moonhouse Website in any way we can as it’s objectives are the same as those of the expedition in return the new Moonhouse Expedition offers homage to the efforts of the Moonhouse Explorers part of the first expedition. If you are a Moonhouse Explorer your name is mentioned there.  Also, we are proud to say, the carefully handcrafted Moonhouse Models of our expedition are now rare collectors items. How about that.

Congratulations Moonhouse to the successful launching of the crowdfunding. We wish great success and, of course, fair winds for the New Moonhouse Expedition!

#2.38 on its way

Moonhouse #2.38 before shipping to Magnus Steen and The Marathon

Moonhouse #2.38 before shipping to Magnus Steen and The Marathon

Today Moonhouse #2.38 was shipped to Magnus Steen in Helsingborg. Magnus will be running already tomorrow but the house will in all likelihood reach Helsingbord in good time for Mangnus’ last third of the run which he will be running on Thursday.

Check our Helsingborg Marathon Running for Muskhjälpen!

We wish Magnus fast feet and fair wind on his coming adventure.

Moonhouse #2.34, #2.35, #2.37 en route to adventure

Moonhouses #2.34, #2.35 and #2.37 en route

Moonhouses #2.34, #2.35 and #2.37 en route

Today we welcome three Moonhouse Holders to the expedition.

Hans Hallberg – #2.37
John-Olof Vinterhav – #2.34
Petra Vainionpää- #2.35

Hans Hallberg is a freshman in the expedition but a long standing supporter of the House on the Moon project with the full scale moonhouse installations by the motorway in Västerås to his credit. Hans becomes the holder of Moonhouse #2.37 and promises that we will not be disappointed.

John-Olof Vinterhav is a seasoned explorer with expeditions to Venice, Bethlehem and Jerusalem with Moonhouse #2.23 to his credit. John-Olof handed Moonhouse #2.23 over to Daniel Ahlberg for his Expedition to California, USA (Hollywood, Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, Yosemite Falls, Bixby Creek Bridge). John-Olof becomes the holder of Moonhouse #2.34.

Petra Vainionpää is a very special House Holder to the Expedition. Petra was the first explorer outside HQ and she brought the house on an expedition to Månstad a name which translates directly to Moontown. A very appropriate destination for a Moonhouse Expedition. Petra becomes the holder of Moonhouse #2.35 and promises an expedition to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

Congratualtions Hans, John-Olof and Petra to you being a part of the group of Moonhouse Holders (albeit for the second time for some of you). We wish you fair winds on your coming expeditions and look forward to learning more from the reports to come.

Moonhouse at Jungle Temple

20131012 #2.24 Stefan Lundin My Son Vietnam

20131012 #2.24 Stefan Lundin My Son Vietnam

Stefan Lundin and Moonhouse #2.24 are exploring deep in the jungles of Vietnam. Here at ancient hindu temples of My Son. The temples were used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnamn war and was bombed extensively by the American Airforce.

Congratualtions Stefan on your successful landfall and fair winds for your continued expedition.

Pontus Göransson is the new House Holder!

We have a new Moonhouse Holder! A few days ago Pontus Göransson took custody of Moonhouse #2.4 The Göteborg when Fredrik Zeybrandt passed it on after completing a suite of expeditions. If we can draw any conclusions from the picture of Pontus so kindly provided by Fredrik, we might even expect a culinary expedition. ”Moonhouse in Food”, now that has not been done before.


Fair winds on your coming adventures Pontus! We look forward learning about your exciting expeditions in times to come.

Update: In the big commotion HQ failed to notice the house in the picture making this the first Moonhouse Expedition to food.