#2.17 Stunning in Strängnäs

20130418 #2.17 Strängnäs 1

20130418 #2.17 Strängnäs 1 – What an absolutely stunning view!

Last night, a few minutes before midninght these absolutely stunning three images reached the Moonhouse Expedition HQ accompanied by the following message:

”Dear Moonhouse Expedition,

I am sending you a few pictures showing house no 2.17’s visit to Strängnäs cathedral, Sweden! My fellow explorer Alberto Forcada and I were privileged to have an exclusive guidance by the enthusiastic cathedral sacristan Stefan Eklund. Stefan showed us the way through narrow stairways all the way to the top – some 75 meters over ground level – whilst telling the story of the old church. Very exciting!
The wind was strong and we had to use sticky tape to prevent the house from being swiped away.

We are now passing house 2.17 on to our friend Lena Bergcoutts for further explorations in Vancouver, Canada.

Fair winds!

Johanna Vinterhav and Alberto Forcada”

20130418 #2.17 Strängnäs 2

20130418 #2.17 Strängnäs 2 – Suugestive, smart and beautiful!

Again, the Moonhouse opens doors and explores the hidden mysteries of the world. Congratulations Alberto and Johanna to the successful completion of a very rewarding expedition and thank you for sharing the beautiful, suggestive and creative images with us. We extend our gratitude also to Stefan Eklund for his important contribution to this successful expedition and welcome him to become an explorer in his own right should he so desire. In recognition of this successful expedition, house #2.17 shall hereafter be known as ”The Strängnäs”.

With the house on a passage across the Atlantic into the care of Lena Bergcoutts in Vancouver, Canada, we look forward to sharing the adventures of the future expeditions of #2.17 The Strängnäs, whatever they take it.

20130418 #2.17 Strängnäs 3

20130418 #2.17 Strängnäs 3 – How isolated, and removed the house sits there on a cold slap of stone.

Fair Winds to The Strängnäs!

Moonhouse Expedition