A Moonhouse on Mar..sorry… Negev

A Moonhouse in the Negev desert

The reddish dry rocks of the Negev Desert in Israel gives you that martian feeling, even though the skies are blue and the air is hot (and breathable). It’s not Mars, but an exciting area nevertheless.

The Moonhouse landed at  lat: 29.504383, long: 34.904680 approximately 11.00 UTC 15 feb 2013. The spot lies right at the border between Israel and Egypt and the border fence runs along the road that is vaguely visible between the hills behind the moonhouse. This expedition did not have the opportunity to move closer to the border since an israeli army outpost on the hill to the left made it clear that it was not a good idea.

If you look around from the moonhouse vantage point you can see Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. One kilometer away from the moonhouse lies the Taba crossing, which is the only regulated landcrossing between Israel and Egypt.

Here is the map!