The Moonhouse with Bacchi lada at Den Gyldene Freden

#2.42 Bacchi lada at Gyllene freden, Gamla stan, Stockholm, Sweden. Emil Vinterhav. February 1, 2014

Bacchi Lada at ”den Gyllene freden”, Gamla stan, Stockholm, Sweden. Emil Vinterhav. February 1, 2014

The House on the Moon is art as is reflected clearly in the first article of the manifesto. Another artform is music and among famed composers Carl-Michael Bellman shares age and geographial roots with the red houses. Maybe it would even be fair to bring an Epistle to the Moon when the house gets there.

On February 1, 2014, three days before the composers 249th birthday, the Moonhouse #2.42 and Emil Vintehav explored the poetry of the songs and epistles of Carl-Michael Bellman when Bacchi Lada met up to honour the composer, in song and circumstance at Den Gyldene Freden, an establishment that the composer himself frequented in his lifetime. The participants at Bacchi Lada treated each other to singing to the accompaniment of variety of instruments including electric balaljka, melodica and the traditional perisan tar all played an sung at an incredibly high standard.

Congratulations Emil to your successful expedition and fair winds on your coming adventures.