The all-new #X.1 underwater design


On Monday, November 25, Moonhouse #X.1 of the all-new experimental underwater design was placed in the keep of seasoned explorer Robin Lilja in anticipation of an upcoming diving expedition to Indonesia in December.

#X.1 has been extensively tested for submersion also into unfriendly environments. In the image above it is seen in a setup testing the compatibility with 10 yo Glenfarclas concluding that for future similar expeditions the varnish need to be more resilient to this liquid.

The whiskey test was the second submergence test and it was done to see if the design was suitable to use as a non-melting ice-cube. The test failed as it made the whiskley taste bad. The first submergence test was to establish that the model had negative bouyancy and that it did not dissolve in water.

We wish Robin fair winds on his diving expedition and look forward to learning more about it in reports to come.