Pisa - Italy - July 20

Patrik Wennberg sent Moonhouse Expedition HQ this report from his exedition with Moonhouse #2.28 to the Mediterranian recently.

I took the house on a cruise in the Mediterranean this July.
The ship left from Barcelona, rounded Italy and turned around in Croatia.

Attached are a few pictures from La Spezia, Pisa, Pompeii and Dubrovnik.
I must say that the little red house brightened up Pompeii, at the same time as it got much attention.

Partik has shared the beautiful pictures below from the expedition with us.

Congratulations Patrik on your successful expedition andfair winds for your coming adventures.

Pisa - Italy - July 20

La Spezia
La Spezia - Italy - July 20

Pompeii - Italy - Forum - July 22

Pompeii - Italy - Theatre - July 22

Pompeii - Italy - Garden - July 22

Dubrovnic - Croatia - Old Town - July 27