California Road Trip – Bixby Creek Bridge

Bixby Creek Bridge.  Daniel Ahlberg. June 30, 2013

Bixby Creek Bridge.
Daniel Ahlberg. June 30, 2013

As the fifth installment on reports the Californian road trio that Daniel Ahlberg and his family is making, we get a report from Bixby Creek Bridge. Daniel writes about the bridge:

The bridge lies 200 km south of San Fransisco at Big Sur on Hwy1 where it crosses Bixby Creek. It was built in 1932, is 218 m long and 85 m high. It is renound for having featured in many movies and automobile advertisments. This due to its beautiful architecture and naturally the glorious surroundings. An average 4500 cars per day pass the bridge.

With the history on this trip we have almost come to expect records and the Bixby Creek Bridge does not disappoint us. Wikipedia informs us that when the bridge was built in 1932 it featured the longest concrete arch span in the world with its 98 m and even more importantly, it was build to a cost under budget!

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