It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a … house on my toe!

Sini Merikallio has outdone herself again. What else can you say about this inspiring and mind challenging picture of the house on a toe.

Huset 2.14 just återkom från Lille
(Eng: House 2.14 just returned from Lille):[…]
Moonhouse #2.14 – The Animal Kingdom in Lille, France
Moonhouse #2.14 – The Animal Kingdom in Lille, France
Och när namnet var redan ”Animal Kingdom”, visiterad denna hus naturligtvis också Lille Zoo.
(Eng: As the name was already ”Animal Kingdom”, this house naturally also visited the Lille Zoo)
Moonhouse #2.14 – The Animal Kingdom in Lille Zoo, France

We guess that the house in the background of the second image is the ”Hôtel de Ville de Lille” but we have absolutely no idea what the big rodent (or moose?) in the background is. A newly discovered mammal perhaps. You never know what you will find on an amazing adventure.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures Sini. Congratulation to yet another successful expedition and fair winds for your coming adventures.