Moonhouse #2.14 in the Animal Kingdom

Interested in the Moonhouse

Sini Merikallio in Finland is breaking new grounds with these absolutely stunning pictures of beautiful animals posing with the house. Sini writes:

Dessa bilder är från Skomarböle, Mörskom, Finland. Den bruna hästen är en finnhäst, Lillin-Tyttö och hundarna är labradorerna Emmi (svart) och Eevi (ljus).

Or in English:

These pictures are from Skomarböle, Mörskom, Finland. The brown horse is a finnhorse Lillin-Tyttö and the dogs are the labradores Emmi (black) and Eevi (blonde)

Be sure to check out these and more images together with Sinis own comments on her flickr Moonhouse-page.

At HQ we had never thought about the house in the Animal Kingdom but presented with this expedition we are again in awe of the creativity of Sini and the ideas of the Moonhouse Explorers. In recognition of Sinis expedition to Finland and the Animal Kingdom, Moonhouse #2.14 will henceforth be known as #2.14 – The Animal Kingdom. We congratulate Sini on her successful expedition and wish her fair wind on her coming adventures. Rumour has it that Sini already has plans for the house, the unfolding of which we look forward to with great interest.

Moonhouse Expedition under watchful eyes

Moonhouse Expedition

Moonhouse Expedition on planet finnhorse

Moonhouse Expedition - unexpected interruption! No worries, Emmi has a very "soft" mouth, so no damage to the house.